Unequal Childhoods : Class, Race, And Family Life By Annette Lareau

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In the readings titled, Unequal Childhoods:Class, Race, and Family Life by Annette Lareau, Race and Family Income of Students Influence Guidance Couselors’ Advice, Study Finds by Eric Hoover, Testimony by Sonny Singh, and Immigration Enforcement as a Race-Making Institution by Douglas S. Massey, all present the social injustice of institutional racism. Institutional racism is defined as the racial prejudice and discrimination that are supported by institutional power and authority. Throughout the readings, institutional racism was demonstrated in several ways. In the excerpt titled, Race and Family Income of Students Influence Guidance Counselors’ Advice, Study Finds by Eric Hoover, institutional racism is shown through the institution of the school system. In this piece, Hoover states that “the race and family income of prospective college applicants influence the advice that high-school guidance counselors give them…” (Rothenberg 307). The study goes on to state that, “Counselors were more likely to recommend community colleges to middle-class black students with sub-par academic records than to middle-class white students with similar records…” (Rothenberg 307). The findings from this study indicate a strong case of institutional racism. When we examine the two cases above, we can see that the common factor is that both the white and black students were middle class. However, the high school counselors were more likely to advise the black students to attend community…

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