Unemployment : The Start Of Unemployment Essay

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The start of Unemployment Benefit discussion from has been discussed in late 2011 where U.S. News did an opinion debate article which asked the question if Unemployment benefits should be extended. Both sides argued the reason for extending it and for not extending it which as time got closer to congress decision the topic became mainstream. Unemployment benefits was discussed again and heavily in early 2014 when it came to if it should be extended by congress. In the article by Dough Mataconis titled Poll: majority Support For Extending Unemployment Benefits wrote, “According to a Quippipiac University survey, 58% of registered voters national wide say they favor a three-month extension of the benefits for people currently out of work.” The article talked about if the Unemployment bill should be extended and how unclear it is because it may highly depend on the as they state “the December Jobs Report” (Mataconis).” It was being discussed because it was going to Congress for a final vote and final plea from individuals who are for and against the expanding unemployment benefits. A few months after that article in Mississippi, an Article wrote by the Hattiesburg American titled Mississippi jobless rate rises to worst in nation was written. It talks about how high the unemployment rate is in Mississippi at that time which in the article it states, “It’s not going as fast I want it to either, but it looks a lot better than it did in December 2011,” the first-term Republican…

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