Unemployment Rates And The Unemployment Rate Essays

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Unemployment trends have always been around, even before they were actually tracked. Unemployment varies from location to location, as you can see in the graph below, the Colorado unemployment rate varies from the United States unemployment rate and the Denver unemployment rate. These unemployment rates might vary from each other but they all effect each other, the Denver unemployment rate contributes to the calculations of the Colorado unemployment rate and the Colorado rate contributes to the United States unemployment rate. Each location in the United States has its own unemployment rate and trend but yet they all come together to make up the overall unemployment rate for the United States. The unemployment trends may vary from place to place but there are consistent trends the effect the unemployment rate as a whole. Bureau of Labor Statistics First let’s take a look at unemployment trends and how they can vary from place to place but still affect the United States as a whole. One trend I personally have come to see is gas prices, if gas prices are low then unemployment rates tend to be low but if gas prices are high then unemployment rates are high. A friend of mine recently got laid off from an oil job in North Dakota but he isn’t living there anymore but yet he is unemployed and living back in Colorado, he told me that he filed his unemployment papers with North Dakota. This will somewhat skew the results for unemployment when looking at local numbers because he…

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