Essay about Unemployment in Developing Countries

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Unemployment can be defined as a state where by people are unable to contribute to the economic growth due to lack of jobs. These people must however be qualified and constantly looking for a job without any success. They therefore fail to secure an opportunity that can enable them to earn their living. Because of unemployment, people are unable to contribute to the economic growth, not because they are weak, but are unable due to lack of jobs. These people are qualified, willing and dedicated but unable to secure themselves a job.
The causes of unemployment in Kenya include the following: political instability. This has highly
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( ) Poor technology has also increased unemployment in Kenya. This is because many Kenyans are not aware of the recent technologies. This makes it hard for Kenyans to adapt to the fast and dynamic changes that accompany modern technology thus unable to grab opportunities that come with technology changes. ( )
Insecurity is also a major problem in Kenya. Many people fear to start business due to lack of security. This mostly affects the small scale business men and women, for instance, one may decide to run a shop and then its robbed up making the owner to loose his/her investments.( )
Poor climatic condition is also a factor that has led to unemployment. Most parts of Kenya experience arid and semi arid climatic conditions thus making agriculture difficult to practice. Keeping livestock becomes hard because they have nowhere to graze them. This makes living hard for people living in such areas. They are unable to engage in any form of productive business, thus end up being unemployed. ( )
Many Kenyans have suffered much due to unemployment. Everyday and night is a nightmare to many people as they strive to make ends meet. The economy’s development keeps on deteriorating because of inadequate contribution to its

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