Essay on Unemployment As A Major Social Problem

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Ifeoma Uzo-Okoro.
Unemployment as a Major social Problem in the United States Unemployment is a major social issue in the United States and affects not just the individual involved but also the public. And this affects the society as a whole. The most recent recession which began in 2007 and ended in 2009 has put so many Americans out of job. According to Walker, the unemployment rate reported in Baltimore alone in May 2003 was 4.8 percent. And in the nation alone unemployment rate rose to 6.8 percent in the space of nine years. And according to Walter,Glymour and Avendano in their journal written in 2014, the health effects of US unemployment insurance policy, the rate of unemployment rose to 8.2% in 2012 and by January of 2014, 1.2million persons had lost their jobs. A lot of companies slashed their payroll and sacked workers, putting so many people out of jobs. Without money, the basic needs of individuals will not be met and the people who are dependent on them will also suffer (Walter,Glymore, and Avendano, 2014). Widespread unemployment is a public issue in the sense that it causes a lot of mental and physical health problems which will invariably affect the way the individual responds to things and people around him or her. “Unemployment can have several negative consequences including loss of income and pension benefits, increased tobacco use and alcohol consumption, and changes in physical and mental health…” ( Walter,…

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