Unemployment And The Problem Of Unemployment Essay

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The definition of Unemployment In the most obvious sense, means "being without a job." Unemployment is when failing to get work that gets salaries paid in money. Also, unemployment is one explanation of the economic condition of people at any given time. When we have low unemployment that means the popular of the labor force is working on, or looking for secure work. Then again, when there is high unemployment, that’s when the sign of an economy is in recession, or worse. When the unemployment rate is high, this means that a substantial part of the labor force is not working. There are many reasons for unemployment to happen. Anyone can be laid off for beyond a week or perhaps forever. I will explain some types of unemployment and a possible solution to this issue. One of the major types of unemployment is Frictional unemployment this happens when people change from job to job. A good example would be college grad that just came out of college that is trying to find a first job that suits his needs. Also, with mothers that are returning to the workforce after having kids and is old enough. With college grads it’s hard because they are new to the job market and they would have to test what’s out there before they can find work that is of their interest. One of the ways of eliminating this type of unemployment like the book mentioned is requiring a person to have a job lined up before leaving their current employer.
Another major type would be Structural unemployment this…

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