Undocumented College Students Are Being Denied Of The American Dream

1326 Words Apr 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Undocumented College Student are being denied of the American Dream: As time pass on, majority of undocumented student’s graduate high school and are heading to the next level of their studies. But what majority of the college students’ fear is applying there choice of college. Majority of the colleges in the United States do not accept undocumented students which breaks the students heart but yet, shattering the American dream they always dream of. This leads majority of the student giving up there dreams and work at a job they don’t like for the rest of their lives. Although some student are given the chance to study at their college, majority of them can’t afford to pay the classes or even worst the textbooks. Nothing is free for the students unless they are documented in the United States. But something acquired throughout the years that the student had an opportunity to continue their studies. The government passed on an act called the “Dream Act”, which helps the students to allow them to apply any college of their choice. But there is a catch, the government will not give financial aid to the students and not allowed to have loans. This a hard challenge for the student because majority of them wonder how can they for that price. Although majority of the students apply for jobs it’s still not enough to pay for the tuition. But has time pass on, the students realized it’s time to make a stand and make a statement, that they should be allowed to have financial aid. Has…

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