Undifferentiated Targeting Strategy Essay

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Register to read the introduction… A) concentrated B) segmented C) differentiated D) undifferentiated

46) Which of the following statements about undifferentiated targeting strategy is false? A) The undifferentiated targeting strategy uses multiple distribution systems to best reach individuals in the target market. B) The undifferentiated targeting strategy is good for use with staple items like sugar and salt. C) The undifferentiated targeting strategy uses one promotional program aimed at everyone in the target market. D) The undifferentiated targeting strategy should be used when the needs of the individual consumers are similar.

47) The Pro-Mark Company manufactures and sells only one type of ballpoint pen at only one price. All its advertising is the same and is directed at the mass market. What type of targeting strategy is the ProMark Company using? A) Intensive B) Extensive C) Concentrated D)
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These categories are A) retailers, wholesalers, services, and non-profit firms. B) producers, resellers, government, and institutional. C) manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and services. D) producers, manufacturer, resellers, and government.

68) Mike’s Roadside Market buys produce from area farmers, marks the merchandise at a price that includes some profit, and sells the fruit and vegetables to the people in and around Centerville. Mike’s would be classified as part of a _____ market. A) consumer B) producer C) reseller D) government

69) Tool’s, Inc. purchases hammers, bolts, and other hardware items from a variety of manufacturers and sells them to hardware stores at a price that includes a profit. This company would be part of what type of business market? A) Manufacturers B) Producer C) Reseller D) Consumer

70) Reseller markets consist mainly of A) wholesalers and retailers. B) retailers. C) manufacturers. D) consumers.

71) Retailers like Wal-Mart and K-Mart are considered members of which business

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