Underwater Photography Essay

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I chose underwater photography as my topic because it is something that has always interested me, and I wanted to learn more. I started by researching photography, and I soon learned that this topic is too broad. I then started to research about different types of cameras, and came across an article talking about underwater cameras. This sparked my interest, and I was able to find many articles on underwater photography. Technology is increasing every single day all around the world, and it amazes me how individuals are able to come up with ways to make technology waterproof. You don’t need to be a professional to take underwater photographs, however you do need to have professional equipment. One source that I found to be very helpful and interesting while researching is titled Basics of Underwater Stereo Photography. This article I found on ProQuest, and I found it to be a scholarly source because John Roll writes it, and he is an expert photographer. He has been a professional photographer for many years, and specializes in underwater photography. This article talks a lot about how important lighting is when …show more content…
This source I found on Google, and although it was found on Google it is very reliable. The author’s name is Sterling Zumbrunn, and he has been professionally taking underwater photographs for over 16 years. He has taken underwater pictures for magazines and such. This article talks about the principles of underwater photography. Some of the key principles are: know how to dive, be aware of how close you get to animals, shoot upwards toward the sun, expose things properly, and be patient. All of these things are very important while taking these photos. I thought it was interesting how this article related to the first one by talking about how important the lighting is. This source confirmed that it is very key to face the sun for brighter

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