Understanding Why Family Is the Most Important Agent Socialization

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Understanding why Family is the most
Important Agent Socialization
Lonzie Logan Jr
Sociology in a Global Perspective | SOC110 A01
Argosy University Online
Prof. Carolyn Paul
January 16, 2012

Understanding why Family is the most important Agent Socialization

Erik Homburger Erikson (1902-1994), a brilliant Germen-born American Psychoanalyst once said that “It is human to have a long childhood; it is civilized to have an even longer childhood. Long childhood makes a technical and mental virtuoso out of man, but it also leaves a life-long residue of emotional immaturity in him." Sociologists, social psychologists, educationalist as well as anthropologists and politicians have studied the process of socialization for years. Great
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Families have changed from being a traditional family (nuclear family) a wife a husband and two children, not only that, but both men and women traditional roles have changed from the 1950 to the present. For example, a lot of husbands to day stay at home and watches the children while their wife works. This let you know that they have seen a dramatic change take place in the way families in the present are structured. The way families are structured today you may see the basic family-a married couple, a nuclear family, an extended family-where children are be raised by the grandparents or other family member, a homosexual family-where there are two men or two women raising children, and last but not least, the attenuated family-where there is only one parent in the household, and the male is usually missing.
When I compared and contrasted the differences in marriage and family with relation to race, I have to say that In the United States and other countries, family is structure and then they get marriage, because it is an officially permitted relationship, which is usually involving economic cooperation, sexual activity, and childbearing (Argosy University Online, 2008). The African American family and The Caucasian American family have some similarities between them, but there are a lot of differences. Although the similarities are few when it comes to class, they both wanted to be in the upper class in there society, so they can provided for their

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