Understanding The Sociology Of Work Essay

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Volti believes that work is the “central activity in the lives of most people.” Understanding the Sociology of work is important, because work takes up so much of our lives. Where we work, what we do at work and who we work for are characteristics of our identities and determines who we make our friends. When work is boring, the workers feel undermined and this perpetuates a culture that exploits the proletariat/workers and adds value to the capitalist/firm. My subject, my mother, described boring work by the monotonous tasks that she would have to do on a daily basis as well as the constant monitoring put in place to remove agency from the workers. These workers would commit small acts of resistance to gain agency over not only their work, but also the way that they could interact with one another. Though the rationality in some bureaucratic systems in work have changed, workers are still restricted in the same way they were in the earlier forms of service work in the earlier forms of service work in the late 1800’s. By taking away the rights of privacy from the workers, the managerial staff created a bureaucratic system that incites boredom for the optimization of worker’s efficiency.
My subject, my mother, works for a lawyer that practices law under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is an “office job” in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The job responsibilities include overseeing the claims department, being the liaison between the court and the trustee’s office, returning…

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