Essay Understanding The Scale Of My Grandpa 's Abuse

2019 Words May 15th, 2016 9 Pages
While conducting research for my genogram, I began to understand the scale of my grandpa’s abuse. On my dad’s side, he has fifteen brothers and sisters. He grew up incredibly poor and my grandparents viewed children as a mean for income rather than for child-raising. Because of their socio-economic status and because my great-grandparents were direct immigrants from Germany following the late famine in the 19th century, my grandparents physically abused all of their children. This was considered normal and no one raised an eye to it, but all of them were assaulted with a cattle prod and whipped if they did not comply. My dad was once beaten for breaking his leg on the ice. Additionally, three of my aunts were knowingly sexual abused by their father. Living on a secluding farm in central Nebraska meant that my grandpa had all of the power and everyone else complied. And yet, in reflecting upon the raising of myself and my siblings, I note that there is minimal carry over from the abuse my dad experienced to the way we have been raised. The worst my dad does, as noted in my Shame paper, is yell at us and be controlling of my wife. I have noticed that most of my cousins maintain normal lives and there appears to be minimal systemic abuse which originated from my grandfather and carried over through my aunts and uncles. I have noticed that one of my uncles cheated on his terminally ill wife and he had a tendency to emotionally abuse her, but I am not aware of a…

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