Essay about Understanding The Properties Of Human Beings

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Many have probably asked this question at least once in their lifetime: Who am I? At least this is what I ponder at times, especially after watching science fiction movies like The Matrix or Her. Am I a human being, a high functioning artificial intelligence, or something else? Although it is fun to entertain the idea of what I am, I am almost certain that I am human. In this essay, I will argue that I know that I am a human being. I will begin by introducing the properties of human beings. Next, I will argue that I fulfill all of the properties of human beings listed above. To illustrate my argument, I will provide three examples that operate from the empirical point of view that address each of the properties: I experience bodily changes and growth on small and large scales, I perceive the outside world with my physical body through the senses, and I have the ability to reason and introspect. These examples will support my argument that I am a human being. Having argued that I fulfill the requirements of a human being, I will respond to the objection that I cannot know that I am a human for certain.
In order to defend my knowledge, I will argue from the point of view of an empiricist, in that our knowledge is derived from experiences. The three important features of human beings include the possession of a physical body, living and have sensual experience, and conscious thoughts and the ability to reason. All of the properties pertain to most people, but differ in…

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