Understanding The Organizational Behavior And Change Class, By Peter Engardio 's Chindia, And Steven Rundle 's Great

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Prior to leaving on my Global Business Trip to China, there were three books that brought a better level of understanding about cultural differences. David Livermore’s Leading with Cultural Intelligence, Peter Engardio’s Chindia, and Steven Rundle’s Great Commision Companies; The emerging role of Business in Missions. This journal will discuss some of the main points and concepts that I feel made reading them beneficial to my trip to China.
Leading with Cultural Intelligence David Livermore 's text Leading with Cultural Intelligence was required reading not only for the global business trip but also our Organizational Behavior and Change class. When reading for the Organizational Behavior and Change class, I appreciated the many differences that were explained in regards to time management between Chinese businessmen and German businessmen. However it was not until faced with the possibility of traveling to China did I begin to try to understand the reasons behind these differences.
Understanding that Cultural Intelligence or CQ, is a set of skills that facilitate effective cross-cultural management is the main point from Livermore’s text (Livermore, 2010). David Livermore’s book focused on the four keys of Cultural intelligence. Cultural drive, cultural knowledge, cultural strategy and cultural action, together these keys enhance effective leadership of those in a global setting (Livermore, 2010). Understanding cultural intelligence adds to the needed skills that…

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