Understanding The Nature Of A Problem Essay

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To resolve a problem, it is necessary to understanding the nature of a problem, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate words to define it because of the importance of their meaning which is paramount for their apprehension. In the United States as well as in others country, there are different humans race, a diversity of ethnicity, and numerous religious groups. So, Caucasians, Africans, Asians, Indians, Arabs, Jews are different ethnicities of the human race. In United State, we have many ethnics groups as wrote Henslin that “The United States is a pluralistic society made up of many different groups, his policy of multiculturalism permits or even encourages racial-ethnic variation”. That been said, I think that may be the language, the religion or history or a little bit of each of those three elements bind us together as an ethnic group.
In fact, people can be separated in accordance to their skin’s color, or a specified characteristic proper to that groups, etc. According to Henslin “the race is defining as a group of people with inherited physical characteristics distinguish it from other groups”. There is also one more factor to distinguish individuals from entering a society. It is a question of the ethnicity which is explained by Henslin as he refers to "people who identify with another on the basis of common ancestry and cultural heritage". So, in this case, it is related to the individual culture.
It is not always easy for people from different subcultures…

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