Understanding The Mainstream Health System Essay

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Background to solution
Evidence suggested that the mainstream health system was failing to meet Māori health and social needs (such as income, housing), this being reflected in the growing health disparities between Māori and non-Māori (National Māori PHO Coalition, 2010). As a result, Whānau Ora was developed to address these issues (National Māori PHO Coalition, 2010). It incorporates a Kaupapa Māori paradigm and attempts to empower whānau through intersectional collaboration, integration, and co-ordination across a range of government agencies, engaging to accommodate the comprehensive needs of, as well as improve outcomes for whānau/families (Controller and Auditor General, 2015). Of particular interest is the higher rates of of heart disease, diabetes and respiratory disease that Māori experience (Cram, 2014). Overwhelmingly, 80% of the discrepancy in life expectancy between Māori and non-Māori can be attributed to chronic conditions, a likely result of poor acess to culturally competent and continuous care. (Connolly, et al., 2008). An integrated approach to health care is particularly important for people with chronic conditions as their requirements extend across numerous providers as their condition deteriorates (Māori Innovation Fund, 2010). However very often, care is fragmented and health and social resources are hard to access, leading to substantial challenges and potentially disease progression for people coping with long term conditions (Peretz, et al., 2012;…

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