Understanding The Differences Between Objective And Subjective Exercise

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Learning Activity #4: Objective vs Subjective Exercise How and why understanding the differences between objective and subjected statements, reasoning will help me achieve academic success?
Because of the formula and methodology used which is often used in mainstream media, books, programs, films, movies, articles, music, religion and a plethora of other different genre’s we are often misinformed or given a half- truth on a particular subject and therefore as the general population, we don’t sift through the mound of information we would typically believe what is printed or stated based on the source that is releasing the information or making the statement without us researching and sorting through the information. Case in point through various organizations and programs they often employ entertainers, athletes or other public figures to speak on a particular topic in which they make a statement based on a belief or an idea and based on the statistics of the star status of the person we have a tendency of believing and accepting their claim instead of us reading between the lines and researching the facts and weighing the evidence and drawing a conclusion. We can be easily persuaded because of the star status or the source. Now for an argument they do the same for lest just say aids or cancer research campaign, they also employ certain movie stars or athletes to be a spokesperson for their campaign in order to gain more supporters through various charitable campaigns so…

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