Understanding The Development And Meaning Of The Bible Essay

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Historical interpretation fails to understand the development and meaning of the Bible in its ancient context. Scholars use criticism to try to determine the correct letters and words of the text in its original language. Because there are no existing copies of the HB from the period when it was written, it could put some sort of confusion on it towards you. There are different copies of the same text that exist, and may contain different versions of a certain verse or chapter. Although, over the centuries the ones copying the text made some mistakes. Perhaps, because the Text existed in more than one version of the same writing.

After words of the text have been read thoroughly, Scholars look at the content of it and try to determine its understanding. Which makes them think really hard about who wrote the biblical text, when it was written, and why it was written. This would be called, source criticism. Its aim is to determine the sources that were used to create a particular biblical narrative. Many of the stories conclude repetitions, contradictions, and gaps. Showing that many sources have been joined in the text. In the flood story for an example. Looking at the number of animals brought
Onto the ark, and how long the length of the flood was.

Looking at the biblical readings section in any college library will show that scholars read the HB in a variety of ways. What a lot of scholars have in common are is that they ignore readings based on the idea that the book…

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