Understanding The Customer 's Needs Essay

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Understanding who the Customer is
“If we don’t have customers we don’t have a job” (Mcknight, Booth, p.26, 2010). In any organization the customer’s expectations must be known and meet, if not exceeding. To be able to meet customer expectations it is important to understand what the customer is expecting. When a organization takes the time to understand the customer’s needs, they will find their customers are unique and there is not a one size fits all approach to meeting customer’s needs.
To help understanding the expectations of the organization’s customers, customers are divided into segments (Mcknight, Booth, 2010). At Eaton there is initially two segments, OEM customer and distribution customers. Within these segments there is additional segments and for the purpose of the project the OEM segment will be the focus. The OEM segment is broken down to three segments, agriculture, construction and truck. The next level of segment break down is large, medium and small OEM customer, these segments are determine by the total sales the customer has with Eaton. In total the OEM customers consist of nine segments.
When the customers are placed into segments, the expectations of those customer segments can be identified.
Customer Expectations
The expectations of what a customer expects from an organization needs to be established in the beginning of the relationship building. The beginning of the relationship building is critical to the success of the organization with the…

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