Understanding The Current Business Processes And Help It With Innovative, Reasonable And Effective Solutions

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Project Overview
Our project aims at identifying an organization, understanding its current business processes and help it with innovative, reasonable and effective solutions. We further concentrated on identifying the activities where information systems can be applied and can lead to innovation.
To understand practical issues deeper, we searched for an organization which could benefit from innovative IT solutions. We chose an organization which we can visit, connect and communicate with easily, to get more information on their issues. To attain our goal, we decided to work with the library of Worcester Art Museum (WAM). After visiting this organization several times, we analyzed the situations of the library. We had a detailed conversation with the librarian, and finally decided to work on 2 major issues which the library faces.
We know how public libraries serve as a valuable community resource – a learning place for people from all walk of live. Thus, taking advantage of technology world, our plan included resolving the library issues with technological innovations. Although we had planned to use the technology considering the adoptive nature of the library staff. Especially, in this case, since the staff in library still use outdated manual ways to handle most of their jobs, there are lots of errors, which may not be fatal, but can be avoided. The objective of our project is to limit such malpractices by using innovative information technology. Besides that, we deduced…

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