Understanding The Critical Events Of People 's Lives Essay

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When something goes wrong, we need to ask what happened and what caused it to happen (Tripp 1993). Crisp et al. (2005:8) suggest that “understanding the critical events in people’s lives can lead to greater understanding of the life experiences of others, especially those from people from other racial groups.” While making use of both these statements, I would like to analyse an incident that happened on the 23rd of March at my placement. It was in the afternoon when a three-year-old child started crying. According to Bowlby in his attachment theory, crying is inborn attachment behaviour and is usually an appeal for protective presence of a parent or caregiver (Bowlby Cited in Nelson 1998). This scenario was further compounded by the fact that the child does not speak English therefore; it was difficult for me to understand what the child wanted. As the child continued crying she came to me with her arms open and raised, and this was a sign that she wanted some comfort. I understood this as relationship seeking crying and for a child to come to me with open arms meant that she had been attached to me, and this was a way of showing that the child anticipated for my response to remove the discomfort they were facing. Worth of notice, I had built a relationship with this child and trust; therefore, I had picked up the child, and she became quiet. Picking up the child was to show that I was responding to her needs as well as following the tenets of relationship-based practice.…

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