Understanding The Concepts Of Intercultural Communication Essay

952 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
In my initial implicit bias test, it yielded unexpected results regarding the biases I possess. I took the tests analyzing African American and European American, Arab Muslims and other people, and the association of American with European American and foreign with Asian American. The first test was taken at the beginning of the semester to help us to begin understanding the concepts of intercultural communication.
My first results produced fairly predictable results, considering my personal views. I exhibited little to no automatic preference between European American and African American; a strong automatic preference for other people compared to Arab Muslims and strong automatic association for American with European American and foreign with Asian American. I consider myself to be a fairly tolerant and accepting person when it comes to people of different cultures, genders, religious beliefs, and other factors. This explains my lack of surprise at my first result regarding African Americans. I was slightly shocked by the severity of my bias against Arab Muslims. Previously, I was unaware of this bias and this would be considered my most prominent bias with my first results. According to Martin and Nakayama (2013), “…stereotypes are connected to social values and social judgments about other groups of people. These stereotypes are powerful because they function to tell us how ‘we’ value and judge these other groups” (p. 373). The United States of America have become a…

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