Understanding The Components Of Communication Essay

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In order to communicate effectively it is first important to understand the components of communication. According to Communication Model, effective interaction encompasses the following eight basic elements: (a) sender, (b) receiver, (c) message, (d) encoding, (e) transmitting, (f) decoding, (g) action, and (h) feedback (Douglass, 1992, p. 153). These fundamentals are essential in exploring, as they are the cornerstones of communication.
Sender is a source and the originator of information in the communication process. Sender has the responsibility of identifying the type of message he or she would like to send and the method by which it would be conducted, for example, an email, phone call, written memo, or in person conversation. Additionally, sender is responsible for selecting the most effective mode of delivery in order to accommodate the needs of the receiver. Large portion of the nursing responsibility is patient education as well as interdisciplinary contact in order to assure patient’s needs are met. Thus, choosing appropriate information and the mode of conducting that material is essentially to the receiver, who accepts that message and interprets it into a meaningful form.
Message is defined as a fact, idea, concept, or feeling the sender has and would like to express to their audience. In order for the message to be delivered, the sender must first, have a clear idea of what they would like to discuss and second, identify why they need to address that idea…

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