Understanding Student Misconceptions As An Educator Essays

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Understanding Student Misconceptions As an educator, one must continue to find ways to enhance our students learning and understanding. In one stance, teachers teach the standards and objectives; however, a question arises as to whether the students are understanding what they are learning, and the teachers question, whether they are teaching the standards in a way the students will understand. Misunderstandings often occurs because sometimes the teacher may not consider that the student does not understand a piece of material that they have taught. We are quick to assume that they are somewhat not smart (Grant & McTighe, 2005).
Students Misunderstandings According to research, some students are considered to have lack of understanding whenever information is presented to them. On the other hand, it suggests that teachers do not know how to present the lessons for understanding. Teachers are responsible for teaching concepts to the students. Therefore, if teachers have little knowledge of the concept being taught, the students will also have misunderstanding of what it is being taught. Students are to learn with understanding, demonstrating what they can take with them to give back to the community (Ozmen & Costu, 2002). Teachers must dig in deeper to find new ways to teach the students in a way that they can respond and become an essential part of the team. While teachers are planning lessons to address state and district standards, in doing so, they must keep in mind…

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