Understanding Specific Needs- Health and Social Care Related Essay example

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Understanding Specific Needs- Assignment 1

This assignment on understanding specific needs will look into the perceptions that people have of health, disability, illness and behaviour in a health and social care context. It will also look into and explain how attitudes towards individuals with specific needs and perceptions of those needs change over time and differ between cultures. I will then analyse how legislation, society, culture and social policy interact to influence attitudes toward and service development for individuals with specific needs.

The World Health Organisation (WHO, 1946) describes health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Concepts
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It creates low expectations and leads to people losing independence, choice and control in their own lives. An example of both models in action would be a wheelchair user wants to get into a building with a step at the entrance. Under a social model solution, a ramp would be added to the entrance so that the wheelchair user is free to go into the building immediately. Using the medical model, there are very few solutions to help wheelchair users to climb stairs, which excludes them from many essential and leisure activities.
Each models have their individual strengths and weaknesses however I do feel that the one that I agree with most is the social model- I believe that the mind is a powerful thing, and thinking positively and pushing ourselves to reach our full potential is extremely important in how we develop- I believe that by the social model encouraging independence of those who are disabled they are doing exactly this. In saying this I of course still understand the importance of the medical side and its importance in disability.
The most recent model in relation to disability is the affirmative model and it is all about celebrating diversity. In 2000, John Swain and Sally French came up with the idea for the new model. They believed that yes the social model was great from promoting independence and equality however with this, people were still going to see disabled people as a personal tragedy

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