Understanding Sociology And Social Problems Essay

1405 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
There is one central element that I have learned by participating in this social problems course that I found essential to understanding sociology. The common aspect that was presented in about every discussion board topic for this course as a possible solution was education. Without the proper understanding and education for each topic that was provided for us to analyze, I would not have been able to accurately evaluate the various social problems we encountered throughout the semester. This course helped broaden my concepts and ideas that I can use to now use to improve my sociological imagination and apply them to other social problems I might encounter in future courses. Though education is the essential element for understanding sociology, there are other concepts that fall underneath this category. I have learned about two other elements that I now find crucial for a proper discussion and understanding of sociology to take place. The main aspect is realizing how social problems are interconnected to one another, which is then followed by the countless perspectives that people can have towards a social problem.
Social problems can present themselves in a variety of manners and can be related to numerous aspects of our lives. Social problems can arise at any time, making the number of social problems seem endless. As a result, it is important to realize the interconnectedness of the variety of social problems in hope of reducing the future problems that may…

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