Essay about Understanding Philosophy And Ethical Arguments

1483 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
Based off of this semester I have come to understand philosophy as the study of rational arguments and how those arguments need to be carefully examined in order to ensure a sound and valid argument. The first step to philosophy is having a well-structured argument that has both soundness and validity. This well made structure needs to be criticized because there will always be an opposing side to the argument that will try to discredit the structure. Once you have put together the well-structured argument you can now determine if there is a legitimate reason to believe what the argument is trying to prove. This system of making an argument and determining if it has soundness and validity is the foundation to ethical arguments and can be used to all types of arguments including controversial issues. The objectives of this class were strongly met throughout the semester. First we learned how to critically evaluate lines of reasoning, which is the most necessary because it is needed to reach the other objectives effectively. Next we went over the range of key philosophical positions in ethics and critically evaluated each one. This was an important stepping-stone for getting into the next objective, which think clearly about controversial issues and contribute to their discussion. The path taken to reach each objective was a fun and interesting one because of how deep some of the arguments made you think about your life and other people’s lives. There was one topic that…

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