Understanding Personality Types Of A Personality Type Essay

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Understanding personality types helps me to understand those around me, myself and how we interact with each other. After taking the Jung Typology test I discovered that my personality type is Introvert Sensing Feeling Judging (ISFJ) and I have the temperament SJ (Jung Typology Test, 2016). ISFJ personalities are known as the nurturers, and SJ temperament types are known as the guardians (Personality Page, (2015). The ISFJ personality type value security, focus internally, is sensitive to other’s feelings, and respect tradition and laws (Personality Page, 2015). The ISFJ personality type will be discussed in detail, along with the four components that belong to the ISFJ personality type. Following this discussion, I will answer the questions of what I have learned from the personality tests, and about myself that will make me a better employee, co-worker, and/or manager. Personality Type ISFJ
Step 1
ISFJ (Temperament SJ) The primary mode of living for an ISFJ is focused internally (Personality Page, 2015). ISFJ’s are warm, generous, kind hearted, value harmony, value security, respect tradition and laws, are sensitive to other’s feelings, and believe the best in others (Personality Page, 2015). ISFJ’s are dependable, they learn best by doing, and have a well-developed sense of space and function. ISFJ’s have a strong sense of responsibility and duty, so they can be counted on to complete tasks and for this reason others rely on them (Personality Page, 2015). An…

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