Understanding Management Essay

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Intro to Management
Homework Assignment 1

1. What do you think about having a manager’s responsibility in today’s world, characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and sudden changes or threats from the environment? Describe some skills and qualities that are important to managers under these conditions.
Good management skills and actions are keys to helping any organization weather crisis and remain healthy, inspired, and productive. Managers have to keep pace with ever-advancing technology, find ways to incorporate the internet and e-business into their strategies and business models and strive to remain competitive in the face of increasingly tough global competition, uncertain environments, cutbacks in personnel and resources,
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Dealing with others means being understood and being interpreted correctly. When a need is present to correct something and that individual feels unable to speak up, mistakes can be made and mistakes lead to ill feelings between individuals. When speaking up the communication needs to be assertive without being aggressive. When the need arises to speak up about an issue, it helps to practice what will be said to assure that the language will not be interpreted as being aggressive. Repeat the message if necessary to be sure it has been heard. Ask for feedback about what you have said. All of these things can help when the need presents itself for you to speak up. Speaking up can win you respect from others that in turn will be recognized as having good people skills. 4. Discuss some of the ways that organizations and jobs changes over the past decade. What changes do you anticipate over the next 10 years? How might these changes affect the manager’s job and the skills a manager needs to be successful?
Ten years ago the internet was a new flourishing adventure with all the dot com businesses popping up every day. E-commerce was exploding, and consumers were starting to feel “alright” with online purchases. The traditional pen and paper business methods were going to the wayside and a computer was being placed at every desk. Ten years ago businesses and jobs still relied heavily on

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