Essay on Understanding Literature And Its Impact On Education

765 Words Oct 20th, 2016 4 Pages
In present days, literacy is looked at as more of a specialty rather than a necessity. This means that if a student is literate enough to find a job there is no need to master literature. Wendell Berry encourages us to revoke this idea through his essay “ In Defense of Literacy.” He argues that literature is more than just an ornament used for quick profits. Berry also mentions that some people only learn literature to better their language for the purpose of persuading others into buying products. The only way we can defend ourselves against this is by learning the literature of our language. Berry believes that understanding literature will help give us a better understanding of life and an accurate judgement of ourselves and I agree with him. Berry accuses all the teachers in schools for allowing literature to be defiled and taught in the wrong way. Examples of this in the introduction of his essay. Berry states, “ the universities seem bent upon ratifying this state of things by declaring the acceptability, in their graduates, of adequate—that is to say, of mediocre—writing skills.” Rather than teachers showing the necessity of literacy they only show how it may be used to benefit corporations. While Berry does prove a valid point I still can’t agree with him completely. I disagree that every school is teaching literature wrongly, he has no proven statistics to support his statement. I’m sure there are still some English teachers, in our education system, that view…

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