Understanding Life Essay

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Travelocity is a company that believes in the ethical treatment and development of employees. True False Michelle Peluso, CEO of Travelocity, subscribes to McGregor's Theory X views concerning employees. True False Practical experience and research both tell us that layoffs should increase the motivation of remaining employees. True False According to Jeffrey Pfeffer nearly 90% of today's organizations are truly "people centered." True False According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, companies must choose between stressing continuous improvement and making employees feel comfortable. True False Research evidence suggests that increasing job security is
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32. In the early 1990s, even when Internet applications were undergoing a growth spurt, advocates said it would amount to nothing in the end. True False 33. Those born into the so-called "Net Generation" place a high value on freedom. True False 34. Members of the "Net Generation" are generally unskilled at collaboration due to their painfully awkward social skills and questionable hygiene. True False 35. E-business involves using the Internet to buy and sell goods and services whereas e-commerce involves using the Internet to facilitate every aspect of running a business. True False 36. Human capital is the productive potential of an individual's knowledge and actions. True False 37. Social capital is productive potential resulting from strong relationships, goodwill, trust, and cooperative effort. True False 38. Intelligence, creativity, motivation and enthusiasm are dimensions of social capital. True False 39. Trust, mutual respect, teamwork, and camaraderie are dimensions of social capital. True False 40. A recent review of 30 years of business literature led to the conclusion that good management requires a clear purpose and a bias toward action. True False 41. After a review of 30 years of business literature, it was concluded that to be an effective manager one must be very sensitive both to past experience and to the mass of new information available through

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