Essay about Understanding Key Concepts Of Time Perception

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Understanding Key Concepts

Time perception has been approached in different dimensions by researchers to try to relate it to other domains through integrated models and related principles (Matthews and Meck,
2016). Consequently, the review has specified on key principles that link the temporal cognition with other psychological processes. Precisely, the review focuses on the ways that the subjective duration is affected by factors such as perception, attention, and memory. In this study, perception has been defined as the non-temporal stimulus properties while attention is the process of allocating properties. Memories are the experiences that lead to a stimulus at a specified duration (Matthews and Meck, 2016).

A processing principle occurs in a situation where the perceived time is positively related to the perceptual vividity where there exists ease in extracting information from the stimulus.
Consequently, this empirical generalization of information creates a starting point for various theoretical frameworks as explained in the experiments.
According to Buhusi and Meck (2005), time is ubiquitous while the perception of time is universal based on the temporal extent caused by stimuli. As a result, time judgment takes various behavioral aspects but with a central notion. To come up with detailed results from the research, the study had emphasized on psychological techniques that are related to new information processing models.

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