Understanding Information Regarding Nutrition On Food Groups And Calories

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Understanding information regarding nutrition is something that is important to everyone. It can allow us to make decisions that can help set a healthy path in our lives, by avoiding those things harmful for the body and consuming those things beneficial. The dietary analysis project has also helped me determine what areas I would need to change regarding the foods and drinks I consume. This project has opened my eyes into realizing that I haven’t been making the healthiest decisions in my life, even though I thought I was. It is important for society as a general to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle because this will help keep the one thing that is important to all of us functioning properly, our bodies.
Food Groups and Calories The first area I decided to really discuss in detail would be my total calories in general. As I created my account I decided that I wanted to focus on losing a few pounds and with the help of the website, I determined that the amount of calories I should be eating per day would be around 1800 Calories. As I began writing out my foods for each day I couldn’t help, but feel confident about staying under the 1800 mark. As I submitted everything and continued onto my reports I remember just pausing and being in complete shock. I was completely wrong about my calorie intake and instead of consuming less than 1800 calories I was actually consuming around 2214 calories per day. The average I was consuming was way over the…

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