Essay about Understanding Indigenous Cultures : Questions

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Understanding Indigenous Cultures

Natalia Patino
Cory Rivero
Tiffany Taylor
Barbara Thompson
Aneesa Wasserman


FALL 2014

October 24th, 2014


An indigenous culture is a group of people that describe themselves as a tribe. They have a different social and economic culture than the culture of the majority of the host nation. They are also descendants of the people that live in the host nation before colonization. They are different from other cultures because they are usually a minority group in the host nation and also they are usually the colonized group. Indigenous groups have a close relationship with the environment, the Eastern band of Cherokee call themselves "the stewards of the earth." They have developed sustainable land uses. They know their local land and how to use it and more importantly how to preserve it for future generations. Most indigenous people around the world have been relocated from their homeland or have had their territory reduced from their original size. They have constant disputes over territorial claims with national governments and multinational corporation using land for oil, timber, natural gas, etc. Some of their websites describe their territory and have maps. Other websites do not include maps but they do list regions in which they reside.
In reference to biodiversity conservation, majority of the indigenous tribes respect land and animals. They only kill and consume what…

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