Understanding Humanistic And Cognitive Theories Of Communication

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ication in HSC
Task 1 Explore how communication skills are used in health and social care (L01)
A1. Explain both incident in terms of humanistic, behaviourist and cognitive theories of communication.
Humanistic theory is reflect in each individual as unique and is base on personal central approach which is putting the client at the first place in order to meet their needs effectively. Humanistic does not allow care workers to label or pratronise the client, although humanistic enables to follow the principles of care in order to maintain dignity, respect, promoting choice and independence, respecting privacy and rights.
Referring to the case study; incident 1, where the receptionist did not applied humanistic theory by practising poor or inappropriate behaviour to the client. So this could affect both the service user and her relative as the receptionist is the first point of contact; lack of communication occurs might affect care pathways of the service user. Firstly, the receptionist did not use person centred approach which is putting the client in the first place; I was concern about the care and reflect which was not delivered by the receptionist. also base on humanistic point of view the receptionist did not show empathy at all
The client should be given choices (respect by being gentle, kind, respect, love, etc.)
Incident 2,
Secondly the receptionist did not apply behaviourist theory which is about how people behave to sort out some ways of dealing with people.…

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