Understanding Human Behavior Is Critical to Organizations - Discuss the Benefits of Self Evaluation/Self Assessment as It Relates to Leaders Today.

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Q1. Understanding Human Behavior is critical to organizations - discuss the benefits of self evaluation/self assessment as it relates to leaders today.
Effective leadership is one critical aspect for organizations today. Pursuing high levels of effective leadership, leaders need to measure their skills and capabilities against different leadership dimensions. This will help leaders to spot dimensions that need enhancement and others that need development. This paper will discuss the benefits of leader’s self-assessment of different dimensions with focus on those related to understanding human behavior.

Self Assessment Techniques:
Different techniques of self-assessment have been developed. As (Clawson, et al., 2000:4) stated ‘There
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With clear targets, leaders can determine which direction the organization should go to achieve its portrayed future. Clarifying what others have to contribute. Here the ability of Leaders to understand and value differences is measured. As (Davidson, 2003) discussed, leaders today are struggling in diverse organizations where they need to manage and intensively diverse population of employees. Leaders need to realize that diverse organizations full of people with differences can provide an excellent source for new ideas, valuable arguments and perspectives. They need to consider what individuals have to add rather than what they lack. Supporting others so they can contribute is a dimension that gives leaders a sense about their ability to identify and remove organizational barriers that impede or block employee’s efforts in the organization toward achieving its goals. Being relentless is a dimension that measures how strong is the leader’s internal drive to be persistent to achieve organizational goals. This has much to do with having strong belief in one’s values which fuels the internal drive. Celebrating progress, here the leader’s ability to measure and reward progress is measured. Effective leaders are capable of setting sequential milestones in their plan where they can probe the progress of the organization against set goals. Employee’s human expectation is to receive positive feedback for a well done job. Intelligent leaders understand such

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