Essay on Understanding How People Cope With Success And Failure

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There are different ways of understanding how people cope with success and failure. When coping with failure the author explains two different mindsets. Firstly, the “Fixed Mindset”, this is a way of thinking that is carved in stone. With a fixed mindset you are either smart or not and your qualities and capabilities are carved in stone. Also, this mindset believes that a certain amount of intelligence, a certain amount of personality, and a certain moral character are inherent. Likewise with a fixed mindset, every situation calls for a confirmation of your intelligence, personality, or character. Secondly, the “Growth Mindset”, this mindset is much different. In this mindset the hand you are dealt is just the starting point for development and growth. The growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate and improve through your efforts and desire. Someone with this mindset believes that they can change and grow through application and experience. In addition, people with this mindset believe that a person’s true potential is unknown or unknowable. A person’s accomplishments are not pre-determined. You cannot know what you can or will accomplish with dedication, desire, passion, training, and hard work. I strive to live with a growth mindset and believe that the majority of the time this is where I live. There are always times when that characteristics of a fixed mindset creep back into my life and I must redirect my thought…

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