Understanding Ethics: an Argument for Virtue Ethics Essay

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Understanding Ethics: An Argument for Virtue Ethics There are many different ethical systems out there to learn from and each one them have their own way of describing beliefs. So many choices but, which one is right for you? Maybe a mix of ethical systems is the right way to go? This article will present pro’s and con’s from three ethical systems and why it is this author’s belief that virtue ethics is all around a better system than the rest. Though this article won’t cover every system, it does cover three major, popular systems out there and provide information on those with a goal to at least spread awareness of philosophy so that people are able to have their own thoughts and systems. Read on and make a decision for yourself …show more content…
Pg 131). Deontology "ignores the consequences of an act in evaluating whether it is a good act, a bad act, or a morally neutral act" (Mosser, 2010. Sec 2.1). That doesn 't mean that there are no consequences but that those consequences do not play a role in the morality of the action. Deontology is also "that the good is the object of a rationally determined will, a will determined by principles of practical reason" (Betzler, 2008. Pg 72). Deontological pro 's "hold that human beings have a moral obligation to follow certain principles" and "permits people to act above and beyond the base requirement of the rules" (Dontigney, 2013. Para 1). Con 's are that "they do not always clarify how to rank duties, which can create insoluble dilemmas" and "no set of rules can account for every possibility, which leaves individuals without guidance in some moral decisions" (Dontigney, 2013. Para 2). This now leads into an argument of why I believe virtue ethics is superior. Understand that not everyone will make this work but, think of the good that could be done in yourself and in others, it would be at least a more peaceful world. People have a choice, at least in the United States, to believe what they choose to believe in and there are many ethical systems to choose from or even a mixture of multiple systems. Those with moral fiber can see that pro 's for virtue ethics simply outweigh the con 's. Unfortunately, everyone has different moral fiber or

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