Understanding Customer Satisfaction With Melbourne 's Tram System

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1. The research problem
(a) Background

Melbourne’s transportation structure, and more importantly the tram system plays a crucial role in the lives of many Melbournians providing them with a mode of transport, whether that be travelling to work, education or leisure activities. Obtaining a greater understanding of customer’s satisfaction towards Yarra Trams’ service will assist in determining the strengths of the service, but also areas for improvement. Google Trends data (Appendix A) reveals that there has been a decrease in interest the tram service. Therefore, this report will provide a framework for undertaking research to better understand customer satisfaction and in turn, where they can improve. (b) Statement of the Problem

MRP Statement: “to better understand customer satisfaction with Melbourne’s tram system.”
• Customer satisfaction with the service provided by Yarra trams (staff) (the tram service itself e.g. disruptions, service availability, seating, cleanliness etc.)
• To identify the satisfaction of all customers across different demographic groups e.g. age, culture, religion.
• To investigate the different level of satisfaction amongst different usage profiles (e.g. frequent vs rare users)

2. Research Approach

(a) Research questions

RQ1: “Does satisfaction with Melbourne’s tram network differ across customer income groups?” Component: Satisfaction with tram service (reliability) Constructs: Income Variables: Customer income group,…

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