Understanding And Understanding Of Managing Student Behavior Essay

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I learned that when teaching social skills, I needed to adapt my lesson to meet the needs of all learners. I used a type of graphic organizer that was easy to read and easy to utilize. This benefitted both the auditory and visual readers. Understanding and identifying Learner Development has a major impact on student learning. Being able to recognize and identify what strategies these students need to be successful in school is key to their learning success. Being able to identify their learning development impacts the appropriate and effective interventions and strategies for working with each student.

I think that my proficiency level for this standard is proficient. I have been exposed to social skills through my work as a paraprofessional and understand the importance of modeling these for students. There are some concepts I still need to improve on such as integrating technology into the lesson. In order to develop greater proficiency I will continue to take classes at GSC in order to build my knowledge and understanding of managing student behavior. I plan on continuing to explore professional development opportunities as they pertain to my job as a paraprofessional. I also plan on taking classes in the area of special education and will continue to read scholarly articles on these subjects.

Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

b. Standard #2: Learning Differences

I have learned that students Learning Differences has a major impact…

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