Understanding And Managing Employee Turnover Essay

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Understanding and Managing Employee Turnover Employee turnover is a constant struggle for many human resource professionals. Depending on the type of work at hand and the individual employees, following an outline to help understand employee satisfaction and growth can decrease turnover rates and lead to more satisfied employees and employers. An effective human resource professional understands the root causes of employee turnover and neutralizes them where possible.
Adaptability in the workplace is a necessity to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. Without the ability to conform to the needs and desires of employers, employees fall behind and easily become dissatisfied. To increase job satisfaction, employers must consider employee-job fit, demand-ability need, and need-supply fit. Employee-job fit is “the fit between the individual’s characteristics and the demand of the job or needs/desires of a person and the attributes of a job” (Chhabra, 2015). Demand-ability fit is “the extent to which a person’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are congruent with the demands and requirements of their jobs” (Chhabra, 2015) and need-supply fit is “the measure of whether the attributes of a job fulfill employees’ personal desires, values, and needs” (Chhabra, 2015). In examining the various aspects of employee-job fit, employers can anticipate employee reactions and character towards a job. Subjectively, the fit is contemplated by the employee himself/herself.…

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