Understanding And Application Of Basic Academic Skills Essay

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To whomever it may concern,
Education is one thing I value without parallel, with a higher education anything is possible. An honorable education is necessary to both global and independent success. On a macro level, education has the potential to decrease conflict, boost economic growth, and decrease poverty. Furthermore, it can increase the potential of each human being living a healthier and more fruitful life. On an independent level, education opens doors that may have once been locked by providing opportunities for career advancements, and an increased income. I have developed strong student attributes that aid to my success in the world of academia, since I hold education in such high regards. The first attribute is an understanding and application of basic academic skills: time management, independent study, and autonomy. Second to this are strong interpersonal skills, which are just as vital to college success as autonomy. Interpersonal skills insure that I will be successful within student-teacher communication, involvement in campus life, and while working in study groups with peers and classmates. Lastly is the ability to think both critically and imaginatively in the face of adversity. This fall I will be attending Laramie County Community College as a full time student, working towards her Associates of Arts. My current goals for this upcoming semester and the duration of my time as an LCCC student, are to have perfect attendance, and to maintain a grade…

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