Understanding About Near Death Experience Essay

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Melvin Morse, M.D author of “Closer to the Light” gives us a profounder understanding about near-death experience (NDE) by using personal stories from patients and research other doctors have unveiled. Throughout the book, Dr. Morse gives short stories of different patients who have undergone a NDE or something similar to it. He also describes how our society differs from the society hundred years ago in dealing with NDE patients. This book is a remarkable example on how our society should be reflected, how it should be implied on the personal lives of everyone, and an excellent explanation on why there are not any NDE. Dr. Morse begins the book by telling the story of his first case dealing with a NDE patient named Katie. Katie was a little girl who had drowned in a pool and taken to a nearby hospital where Dr. Morse worked at. Katie was in a critical state where she only had a ten percent chance of surviving and needed to be hooked up to several machines just to stay alive. Dr. Morse had no doubt that Katie would not survive, but did the best he could to resuscitate her. Nevertheless, Katie miraculously woke up from her coma on the third day of her treatment and showed no signs of brain damage. Katie’s awakening stunned Dr. Morse calling it a medical mystery. Dr. Morse asked Katie to come back for a follow-up examination and to see if she remembered anything from the accident at the pool. When Katie arrived at Dr. Morse office, she described in meticulous detail…

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