Understand the Main Legislation for Safeguarding Children and Young People

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Unit 333 – Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.
Outcome 1 – Understand the main legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people.
The safe guarding of children has only been developed in the last 50 years. However it is a vital part of working with children. The legislations, guidelines and policies for safeguarding are updated all the time for the best interest of the children. The current legislations are as follows; * The Children Act 1989 – this act shows the responsibilities of parents and professionals when ensuring children’s safety. There are two important sections which focus on child protection. Section 47 – the local authority has a duty to
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* The United Nation Convention on the rights of the Child 1989 (UNCRC) – Protects the rights of children, setting out the guidelines for what a child is entitled to regardless of their background treat every child as equal and respecting their human rights. Things such as, a right to education and health care, the right to grow up in a loving happy and understanding environment, the right to develop personalities abilities and potential to the best of their abilities and the right to special protection measures or assistance. The UK signed this legislation in 1990 and ratified it in 1991. * The Common assessment framework (CAF) aims to determine whether a child has additional needs at a young age and support this to make sure their needs are met. * The department of education provides guidance for the local authorities including schools in two different policies which are, working together to safeguard children 2010 (sets out the duties of organisations and how they must work together to safeguard children) and what to do if you’re worried a child is being abuse 2006 (looks at the actions all adults should take if they are concerned about child).
There are many guidelines, policies and procedures that affect our day to day work when safeguarding children. As we follow all these policies and procedures it affects they way in which we work with children for example the child protection policy, this makes it our responsibility to record

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