Understand Physical Disability Essay

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Unit 29
Understand Physical Disability

Understand the importance of differentiating between the individual and the disability

1.1 Explain the importance of recognising the centrality of the individual rather than the disability It is important you recognise the individuality of the person to help boost their confidence and self-esteem and make sure you aren't labelling them. If you were to label them you would forget their individuality and start thinking they cant do something because of their disability.

1.2 Explain the importance of an assessment being person-centred The level of care a person needs or the type of care they require varies from person-to-person. All assessments should be done with a person-centred
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3.3 Explain the changes that have occurred in society as a result of disability legislation Changes in society have enabled those with disabilities to go out and find work without being discriminated against. It has allowed changes to be made to the environments to better accommodate those with disabilities and for example using walking aids or wheelchairs, installation of lifts and slopes instead of steps. Those with disabilities have the same equal right as those without.

3.4 Analyse the extent of improvements for the individual as a result of disability legislation Legislation has provided equal rights in services, work and mobility access. Having a disability cannot be used to disadvantage an individual so giving them more choice and more rights.

3.5 Explain the effects of physical disability on an individual's life choice Having a disability causes restrictions to an individual's life and sometimes this will hinder what they are able to do. This can be quite damaging to a persons self-esteem and confidence. Decisions such as “do I need help with day-to-day things such as good hygiene?” would need to be made and this can effect their confidence as they may feel they are losing their dignity. The way in which they wanted to live or even where, may change to adapt better to their needs such as living on a ground floor with slopes instead of steps.

3.6 Explain how

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