Understand, Contract Future Issues Essay

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understand, contract future issues that apply to themselves. When the spiritual assessment is included then it helps the social worker to teach faith to their clients. As a result of skillful assessment the social worker will be equipped to present faith as a presenting problem to help integrate faith within the sessions.
The hard part happens when a social worker attempts to involve faith into social work because it feel useless or not a good starting point for the session. This would be a problem with a soldier that may not believe in religion anymore due to traumatic events in their lives. So if the social worker is uncomfortable then the client will be too. This assessment will help the client out in the field if that is a part of the treatment. It is a way of sparking personal growth within the person and helping to install hope into the session (Hodge, D. R. (2013). .When this is understood by the social worker fully then it can help to transcendent the session with the client. Spatiality is saw as something that drives humans ability to grow whether their situation. Most religions share the same belief about a higher being that helps to increase their belief in others and connectedness to the society. Each belief is supposed to help improve the broken spiritual.
The psycho emotional stress can be loss of someone’s ability to feel loss or things that will affect them by their environment. The traumatic events are examples lead to the examples of the conscious or…

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