Essay on Underrepresentation Of Asian American Officers

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underrepresented at executive levels in law enforcement agencies. Due to the fact that a career in law enforcement is not a typical choice of profession in the Asian culture, “recruiting seems to occur most often when the potential candidate is a student or through police community interactions” (Dempsey & Frost, 2015, p. 213). Police departments must be proactive in their attempt to recruiting qualified Asian-American police candidates. Law enforcement agencies report a reluctance among prospective Asian individuals to lean towards a career in police work. Perhaps collaborating with colleges, universities, and targeting Asian community and outreach events should boost recruitment efforts.
Statement of the Problem
The problems that will be examined in this thesis pertain to the underrepresentation of Asian-American officers within U.S. law enforcement agencies. The cause of such underrepresentation is due to the fact that law enforcement agencies do not understand the cultural and historical distrust that Asian immigrants have with law enforcement back in their native countries and here in the United States (Zhao et al., 2013). Asian immigrants are accustomed to authoritarian governments and they were constantly suspicious of law enforcement activities. Other factors that contribute to low recruitments of Asian-Americans are the lack of strategic methods for reaching out and attracting prospective Asian candidates. The lack of diversity in police departments will also…

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