Underlining Revenge Essay

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Register to read the introduction… • Consider this history assignment.
What were the origins of the First World War?
What are you being asked to do here? What is your task? How can you give the examiners an answer in essay form that the examiners want? To help you decide, underline key words from the question.
What were the origins of the First World War?
By underlining ‘origins’ and ‘First World War’, you have focused your thinking on the events that led to the outbreak of the war, not some other aspect of the war or the course of the war itself. You may know an enormous amount about the First World War as a whole, but the only relevant information you need to answer this question are the reasons for the outbreak of the war. Don’t show off the breadth of your knowledge just for the sake of it. Pick and choose well. Sift through the knowledge you have and apply it in a relevant manner to the assignment.


• Consider this Media Studies question.
Should the government intervene to prevent different media
(newspapers, magazines, television and radio channels) from being owned and controlled by a few media
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Paragraphs are the means by which you order the material so that your reader can make sense of it and follow the flow of ideas as you present them.
Think about an average length essay that uses no paragraphing at all. An absence of paragraphs would make your reader’s task much harder. Apart from anything else, pages of unbroken print without a break can be quite

3 – THE BODY OF THE ESSAY off-putting. Paragraphs help your readers absorb what you are trying to say.
You have to provide a direction for your readers to follow and help them digest what you have written. Paragraphs are an essential tool in that process. Paragraphs give you, the writer, an opportunity to move seamlessly from one point to another in a clear and ordered manner, so that your reader can follow what you are trying to say or express. Without paragraphs, your essays could appear jumbled and incoherent.



As a general rule, try to deal with one key point or aspect of the topic you are discussing in each paragraph of the body of the essay. If you

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