Underground Dragon Analysis

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This style of game is unique on the mobile medium. This game is most similar to the Assassin’s Creed9 game series. This series are open world games that focus on certain eras and locations in history, and about how assassins moved history along. The Underground Dragon takes this into a different direction, with it being a solely mobile game. Unlike the Assassin’s Creed games, the main plot behind these games will not focus on the power of spies. After The Underground Dragon: The Russo-Japanese War there will be a different focus of the game. Instead of just using spies until the fan-base get tired of the idea, the goals, origin, profession, and character will change. For example, a successive game could focus on a young Egyptian trying to fight …show more content…
Looking at the list of most profitable mobile games none of them are plot driven games.11While this could mean that plot-driven games are not popular on mobile devices, these games are also known for in-app purchases that might increase the profits. When looking g at these games, there is a thread that ties these games together they are not meant to end, there is no definitive goal. The Underground Dragon is the style and gameplay of a console game adapted to a mobile device.
When comparing a mobile game to the console games there are several differences that are distinct and telling. For one, console games are more expensive, but also include better storylines with large 3-D worlds. Mobile games are more focused on 2-dimentional graphics and mini-games mostly. This is what makes The Underground Dragon ground-breaking it will bring the larger than life worlds of consoles to mobile devices using our own world as a
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So, what makes this game any different from the masses? Since mobile games are relatively easy to make, many of these are created by the average joe. What will set this game apart is that before it is placed on the market, it should be sold to schools and museums. Another thing that this game does better than other games, such as Angry Birds12, Pokemon GO13, and Candy Crush14 is that it has a plot that becomes immersive. All these other competitors are designed just to pass the time, there is no established goal to aim for. For Angry Birds, the goal is to complete all the levels, which does make the player determined to beat all of them, but it does not immerse them into the world.
The competitors that I mentioned above also have the advantage of replayability.15 This is a double-edged blade, on one hand people are able to play it longer than a game devoted to story. However, these games do give the same feeling of accomplishment as a story based game, because you never end. There is no larger goal that the player works towards and

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