Word Of Mouth In Music

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In this case you do not know who produced the music or where they were to shoot it, do not know who did the choreography, or who wrote the musical score, and perhaps not you remember all actors, all that if you know, is that you I loved that song and made you feel something, so when you leave the theatre immediately what you do is recommend it to friends. Imagine that song you recommend it paid a percentage of what your friends consumed that evening that enjoyed the music. And this is where comes the clearest definition of word of mouth and this is simply that to you if you pay for someone else to use the product or service based on the recommendation you made in addition to give the opportunity to others who want do the same as you and start …show more content…
In this way, the clubs can promote a lot of shows in town and get much promotion because of that, so audience began to take underground music production seriously. If there is one thing, the underground clubs would have done differently that would save money, it would have been better to invest in word of mouth marketing, simply because they spend too much on an excellent production not ensure success. It does not mean that quality has no value and it does not matter; of course it matters. It is just that production alone is not enough to make people interested and listen to your music. We have reached a point in the music industry where the musical quality is only an aspect, and that the interests and tastes of the public have become more than ever super focused (Silverman, …show more content…
If the clubs make mistakes along the way, just take their time for think about their experiences. The clubs need to be willing to grow, learn and move on, for that rejection is very rampant in an industry where few people with a subjective (record labels, artists' agencies) decide the fate of the musical career of many. It should not be. The best advice for the underground clubs is to give each album and performance that is better than the last (Liu, et.al, 2011).
A very authentic example of word of mouth marketing in music industry of London is a master class show performed by Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL. Although, this show was a surprise for music fans but the word of mouth marketing was used as BBC Radio 6 announced on its twitter as “Twitter in a Prince-inspired frenzy”. The outcome of tweet about the show was a big success in marketing as the publicity generated was excellent. As per the records, Prince is winning on social media. Apart from promotions, the artist is also taking advantages of quick response and huge fan following. The Twitter advertising was proven an effective PR exercise for the artist i.e. it was mentioned on Twitter that his shows won universally positive feedbacks. This is also evident from the following figures (screenshots of

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